Glamourize Your Kitchen

5 Modern Ways to Glamourize Your Kitchen


In most homes, the kitchen is where the magic happens. Whether people are eating, drinking, hosting a party or just socializing with family and friends, people tend to gravitate toward the kitchen. Providing a warm, inviting, and comfortable place to hang out will wow guests and really make people feel at home each time they enter.It’s no secret that many homes have some old and outdated kitchen space. Modernizing the kitchen can be much easier than one might think. Below are 5 modern ways to glamourize the kitchen from floor to ceiling.

Install Wood Floors

Tile floors have long been king when it comes to kitchens. Times are changing though and wood floors have stepped up to make a grand appearance. Wood floors provide a charm that tile floors cannot. They are rustic, warm, inviting and cosy. Tile floors can come off as cold and sterile. Warm up the entire kitchen space by installing wood floors or for a cheaper option choose laminate wood flooring.

Upgrade to Stainless Steel Appliances

There is no other way to go when it comes to appliances than choosing stainless steel. The modern look, feel and quality of the product are beyond compare. To truly have a glamorous kitchen, stainless steel is a must. Luckily, January is the best time of year to keep your eye out for local sales on major appliances. Make sure you search for package deals to really get the most bang for your buck.

Install Pendant Lighting

The lighting in the kitchen sets the tone and mood for every entrant’s experience. Make sure the lighting isn’t brightly fluorescent or too dim. The perfect way to provide the best ambiance is to install pendant lighting above the central area of the kitchen, whether that is a kitchen table or large countertop space. Kitchen pendant lights can really make a difference in the overall tone of the space. Think about also installing some smaller pendant lighting over other important areas like the sink or prep space. The correct lighting is everything when the kitchen is the main hangout space in one’s home.

Choose Bold Colours

Kitchens are a great place to be bold and that’s not just when cooking. Bold colours provide a fun and energetic atmosphere. Don’t letthe bold thoughts stop at the paint on the walls though. Choosing brightly coloured accessories, cookware and décor can really help liven up a plain space. Bring in bright colours and the space is guaranteed to also bring in bright conversation and fun!

Texture the Ceiling

Glamorizing the kitchen doesn’t have to stop at the floors, walls or lights. One can go as far as the ceiling with the upgrade. Textured ceilings provide a new and uncommonly fun way to make the space that much more unique. Choose a textured wall paper or install afavourite wood flooring on the ceiling itself. Guests are sure to be impressed with the creative decorating skills.

Glamourizing the kitchen can be as easy as following these modern and simple steps above. These tips will help transform the kitchen into the most impressive space in any house. It’s out with the old and in with the new, bold and unique ideas above.