Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Door Refrigerators


Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Door Refrigerators

With advancement in technology during the 1940s, the concept of double door refrigerators was introduced which offered many benefits to the consumers. Since all households, these days require a refrigerator, regardless of its size, the demand for better technologies and innovations these days is huge. Every brand likes to manufacture an appealing product, making it effective and simple to use in an attempt to provide customers the best user experience. There are always pros and cons to every product but for double door refrigerators the disadvantages act as a shadow under the huge advantages it has to offer. Learn about few of the pros and cons of a double door refrigerator if you wish to buy refrigerator online or from retail stores:

Extensive capacity

Double door refrigerator allows people to have more extensive capacity storage. Large food items such as watermelons and pizzas do not have to be squeezed into the small confined space anymore as a refrigerator with a double door provides a large enough space for them to easily keep their shape inside. Moreover, the swing of the doors take up less space when they are open as they are purposely shaped narrower than single door refrigerators in order to occupy less room.

Enhanced Cooling Effect

Manufacturers try to use the healthiest technology available in double door refrigerators as food hygiene is one of the major factors that people look for in a refrigerator. The cooling technology helps preserve food for the longer duration of time, and since large amounts of food can be stored in a double door refrigerator, it is essential that the cooling effect encompasses all items present in the fridge. Due to all this, enhanced cooling technologies are developed and designed specifically to operate under fluctuations as well. The preserving time is almost twice than that of normal single door refrigerators.

Frost free:

Frost can form around the coil of a refrigerator which is responsible for cooling the freezer section of single door refrigerators. This frost gradually builds up to inches thick, taking up most of the space available in the freezer. People are thus unable to store as much as they would like to in their freezer. Frost-free features help circumvent the problem of such frost thickening inside the freezer and allow customers to take full advantage of the space provided for storage. Double door refrigerators also have a built-in frost-free automatic system making life even simpler. In order to increase the storing capacity, it is advisable to buy this refrigerator.

Larger freezing area:

Getting a separate freezer and setting it up in a room can take up wanted space especially in tight spaces. Single door refrigerators have small freezers which aren’t enough according to their storage capacity. The double door refrigerator addresses this issue by providing larger and separate compartments for both cooling and freezing. This also allows for better and more efficient cooling since every time the fridge is opened as they aren’t opening the freezer with it.

Pricing and Availability:

The disadvantage of buying this refrigerator is that double door refrigerators are more expensive than what a person’s budget can afford. Even with the minimal functionality, they are costly because of their specific design and the capacity of storage offered.

Consumes higher energy:

All the features that a double door refrigerator offers use more modern technology and thus higher energy consumption. Since the storage capacity has been massively increased, the power consumption increases and thus incurring higher electric bills. Even the free-frost features of the freezing section consume a lot of energy in defrosting it after equal intervals. This alone causes a 30-50% hike in the electricity consumption.

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