Do Laneway Homes

Do Laneway Homes Make Sense For Young Families?


The concept of a laneway house is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. Not only has it become a great way to earn supplemental income for homeowners, a variety of housing solutions for renters have been created. Make no mistake, not all laneway homes are as tiny as their reputation suggests. Plus with advances in modern design, even a small space can be super-efficient at providing a multi-functional solution capable of servicing any small family. Green building techniques have found a good niche with laneway houses many of which have very low environmental impact. Does it make sense to try out a laneway home for your first shared housing solution as a young couple or family? Absolutely.

laneway home forfirst shared housing

When considering moving into a laneway house, there are many factors to consider. Accessibility is one of the main concerns especially depending on the size of your family. Some laneway houses have street access while other back lot houses will only have smaller lane access which may not be suitable for your lifestyle. Parking may also be an issue depending on the area but not all laneway homes suffer from such parking woes. Privacy is another factor to consider as the very nature of laneway houses means they will be closer to other houses and properties than usual. While it might be challenging to find something suitable to your tastes, understanding that some sacrifices may have to be made will be a good first step in your purchase planning.

When considering your next move, laneway homes provides more diverse options and allows people to consider a ground level, detached housing option that offers more of a sense of character than the usual basement apartments. With how popular laneway houses have become, it is easier than ever to make a move which is closer to your place of work, closer to local services, and closer to public transit. A variety of diverse groups of people looking for new housing opportunities are served well by laneway houses. From new families, first time renters, adult children wanting to live on their own, or even seniors ready for a downsize, there is a laneway home to fit any situation.

laneway home forfirst shared housing

With all their charm and how much character they can add to a neighborhood, laneway homes are not always welcome additions. A little bit of common sense goes a long way when it comes to the construction of laneway homes but this is not always exercised unfortunately. Laneway homes that add character will keep with the style of the neighborhood while not sticking out or being overly built up. With the increasing popularity, many investors are seeking to simply cash out without considering the implications for other homeowners and even the renters that will reside in such homes. Living in a new neighborhood will allow you to become part of a community. You want to join a community in the right way so consider your impact on the neighborhood when you move into your laneway home.