Correct Roofing Replacement Company

How to Choose the Correct Roofing Replacement Company

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The shingles in your roof would need to be replaced and you r job would be to find the best roofing contractor in Westerville, Ohio. You might have already called a few and must be evaluating which contractor to hire for your impending roof repair. However, the question to ponder upon would be how to choose the best contractor among various available options. There would be a plethora of things you need to consider prior to hiring the best roofing contractor.

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Location of the roofing contractor

It is imperative to hire a local roofing contractor. There are higher chances of you coming across various levels of service options provided by roofing companies located near you. They might also be having office near your home.

Location of the roofing contractor


In order to determine the dependability of the roofing contractor, you have to seek references from the potential roofing contractor. These references of their past clients would serve as a guarantee of their excellent services as offered to their previous clients. However, you should not consider references as the only factor for choosing them, as most might not provide you with references for keeping the privacy of their previous clients. In such a scenario, you could ask for business related references. Various places from where contractors purchase their supplies would reveal the quality of material used along with regularity of products supplied, which would reveal their stability in the profession.


How do they handle complaints?

A wide number of issues could arise during the progress of roof replacement. You should inquire about their procedure for handling complaints as and when they arise. It would an excellent idea to receive a reference from a previous client who had undergone the situation. The point here would be to see how the company had handled the situation and resolved it to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

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Terms of payment

What would be the terms of payment for the job? What would be the down payment? What amount would be due upon completion? While it would be reasonable for a substantial payment to be made prior to the contractor starting the work, it would be highly recommended that full payment should not be made until the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

Terms of payment

Written contract

All terms and conditions of the roofing replacement should be jotted in a written contract. It should be borne mind that no part of the job should rely on verbal promises.


There could be certain things that might go wrong with roofing installations. It might end up costing quite a bit of money for fixing it. In case, this happens on your roofing replacement project, you would feel much better knowing that your roofing contractor is bonded. This would cater you with the requisite funds for fixing whatever mistakes have been made. You should search for a roofing contractor who is bonded.

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One such company that offers all the aforementioned requisites is the Newman Roofing Company. You would have a great experience assigning your roofing replacement job to this company.

Author Bio – Tim Sistrunk writes for Newman Roofing, a Columbus, Ohio roofing company serving the roof repair and replacement needs of Central Ohio homeowners and real estate professionals since 1992.