Orangeries: The Perfect Addition To Your Home

Home Improvement

A home is greater than the sum of its physical parts. It is the first thing we see in the morning, the last thing we see at night, and backdrop for all the events in our life. Investing in the home meanings investing in your own happiness and peace of mind. Providing a space with beauty and utility means adding luxury to your experience, proving a true sense of home.

As homeowners around the country consider ways to make their home more enjoyable and livable, Orangeries have come back into popularity. So, what is an orangeries and why should you have one in your home? Let’s take a moment to answer those questions as well as look at what the process of installation will be like.

So, What Are Orangeries?

Simply put, an orangery is a conservatory or greenhouse where oranges grow all year round. Popular between the 17th and 19th centuries in Europe, the orangeries have only recently re-emerged as a popular way to add an addition to the home. Along with oranges, orangeries are also used to grow other forms of citrus like limes and may even incorporate architectural elements in their growth like fruit walls. The majority of orangeries continue the aesthetics of the house they expand from, providing a sunny and warm area that acts as a continuation of your house.

Why Should I Have One Added To My Home?

An orangery help to improve light levels in the home, providing a space where you can enjoy the outdoors without dealing with rain, winds, and cooler temperatures. With the ability to move entire window segments and completely open up the space, orangeries provide an excellent open and closed space that can function in both contexts splendidly. In fact, you should take a moment to look up homes that have orangeries and see just how versatile and beautiful these additions can be.

What Is The Process Like?

Having an Orangeries installed is no different than any other home expansion project. While it may require a little more foresight and planning beforehand, any company specializing in orangeries will be able to quickly review your property and see what can be done with it. Working with one of these trained professionals, you can map out when work will be done, and select through the possible materials to find an aesthetic that you like. Adding versatility to your home, an orangery may be just what you need.