aluminium slat fencing

Save time and money with aluminium slat fencing


Australian weather is harsh. From the scorching sun of summer to the severe storms of winter, life outdoors can be tough. And that is why most people keep their cars in the carport or garage. Constant exposure to the elements almost always causes damage that leads to costly repairs.

Of course, there are a few things that can’t be neatly tucked away inside the garage. For example, the roofing and fencing of a home must be able to cope with 24/7 exposure to whatever is thrown its way. Most people normally take good care of their roofs for obvious reasons. Fencing on the other hand is usually neglected until it looks so poor something needs to be done about it.

This is where aluminium slat fencing comes in. Unlike traditional wood fencing, which must be treated on a biannual basis and replaced every ten years or so depending on the wood type, aluminium doesn’t require regular treatment and looks just as good, if not better, than wood alternatives. And the benefits of aluminium slat fencing don’t stop there.

It’s good for the environment

Simply put, wood fences are not very eco-friendly. Most aluminium fences will last between 20 and 30 years, if not longer. During the same time period a wood fence will need to be replaced at least once and possibly more than that depending on the timber used. Going through that much wood puts more stress on the environment and requires more resources to be used.

Easy maintenance

Treating wood can be a real pain. Depending on the size of the fence, it can be an all-day task. And while it may need to be done only once every couple of years, if the fence is painted, that will also need to be touched up regularly. An aluminium slat fence is much easier to take care of. It can be washed every few months using a soap solution that is similar to what most people wash their car with. In addition to this, the powdered coated finish of an aluminium slat fence is durable and repainting is unlikely to be required.

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Modern appeal

Updating a house to give it a sleek, modern appearance can be difficult without total renovations. However, aluminium slat fencing can provide that cutting-edge look homeowners want while avoiding costly exterior renovations. After all, with a new fence in place, the house will be less visible from the outside.

Professional installation

For whatever reason, a lot of homeowners see wood fence installation as a D.I.Y. project. There is no real logic behind it except for the fact that putting up a wood fence seems easy to most people. In reality, it is a difficult project with a lot of room for error. When going with aluminium slat fencing, the D.I.Y. temptation is removed. Professional aluminium slat fencing installation can be done very quickly since most of the materials are prefabricated. A good installer can handle the project within a matter of days with little to no interruption of day-to-day life.