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When To Call A Plumbing Service Company

Home Improvement

Thanks to the internet, you can learn to do almost anything! Videos, instructional manuals, professional forums and many other sources of information and help can guide you through virtually any job, including plumbing problems.

So there is no need to call your plumber for every little job. Having said that however, you should be wise about exercising your DIY rights. Some jobs are best left to the experts.

Extensive problems

Sometimes the problem can be extensive, meaning that it could encompass your entire plumbing system. Some examples of this problem are:

  • No hot water flowing from any of the faucets.
  • Frozen pipes.
  • Water line damage due to freezing or leaks that you cannot detect.
  • Blockage or even backflow in sewer lines.
  • Leaks that lie underneath the floor slabs and so on.

Such extensive problems need modern technology and professional knowhow. Therefore, it is good to call the plumber or plumbing service company right away.

Reash Plumbing Services


It could be something as simple as a tap coming loose or even a pipe springing a leak. You can certainly attempt ‘first aid’ for the same but your first step should be to call a plumber. Small leaks and problems can quickly become bigger and cause much more extensive damage than you can imagine.

Official permits

Not all house remodeling projects can be done as per your wishes. Some work has to receive official permits. So when it is time to remodel your bathrooms or even redo your plumbing lines, you will have to call a professional plumber who will know how to and where to apply for permits and licenses.

After all, you really do not want to run into legal problems at a later point of time. So calling in a plumbing service company such as can go a long way in this case.

Replacement of big fixtures

Certain plumbing fixtures may need to be replaced because:

  • They have become old and are not functioning correctly.
  • Newer gadgets promise lower power consumption.
  • Government laws mandate the same.

Tubs, water heaters, boilers and even gas lines need the proficiency of a professional plumbing service company. These are big jobs that need the professional touch.

Another very important thing to remember is the fact that professional plumbers will have tools, technology, safety gear and knowledge of the latest plumbing fixtures that are available in the market. It can be a good idea to call upon such a service for most plumbing jobs.