Vinyl Flooring Might

Why Vinyl Flooring Might Be Right For You


Vinyl has been a tried and true material for flooring for many generations. A mainstay in the flooring industry, vinyl flooring offers diverse solutions to that can be utilized in a variety of applications. Vinyl flooring is durable, reliable, and low maintenance. The soft and smooth texture provides a smooth feeling to your feet and offers a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Recreate the natural look of stone, hardwood, or virtually any other flooring design without sacrificing quality with this versatile and long-lasting material. You can even mix and match styles to create your own distinctive, random patterns.

When looking into vinyl flooring it can be tough to decide which option is right for your application. The highly resilient nature of Vinyl flooring purchased in a large sheet is ideal for high traffic areas while vinyl tile and plank can be used to create beautiful patterns or recreate the look and style of another type of flooring. Quality is an important factor to consider as not all vinyl is created equal. Higher quality vinyl will of course be more resilient to damage for a slight premium on the price. A step up from your everyday sheet vinyl options is known as luxury vinyl which is sold in tiles and planks. Luxury vinyl uses top quality materials and technology to create a truly great flooring solution. Even with enhanced durability damage may happen but because of the nature of how luxury vinyl is installed, damaged sections can easily be replaced to look as good as new.

low cost flooring option

Vinyl flooring may have a reputation for being a low cost flooring option but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t tout some highly desirable features. The lower maintenance of vinyl is something that makes it very appealing. Simply sweeping and mopping are enough to keep your vinyl floors looking fresh and new. Vinyl also has excellent stain resistant qualities so anything that looks like it has stained the floor can be easily removed with the right cleaning agents. Installed the right way, a vinyl floor is near impervious to water penetration making it a great choice for any area that sees a lot of moisture. Your feet stay warmer in the winter as vinyl doesn’t get cold like other flooring choices. Also, with the right padding underneath, a vinyl floor can give a surprising level of softness.

other flooring softer feel

Easy and low cost installation, providing the look of any other flooring while giving it a softer feel on your feet, easy to maintain and keep clean, it’s no wonder that vinyl flooring has been such a popular flooring option for more than 50 years. No matter what room of your home you are thinking about redoing the floor in, vinyl flooring has an inexpensive, long lasting solution that will allow you to have the flooring you have always wanted.